Access Control

Custom Design Security Provides a Wide Range of Access Control Systems, such as Keyless Locks, Control Cards, Proximity Readers, and More

Get everything you need to provide limited and easily revocable access to any home or business, without having to put your long-term security at risk. 

Custom Design Security has easy-to-use solutions that allow employees or guests to access only limited areas of a building without having to monitor them. The possibilities are endless!

We provide design, sales and installation for all of your access control needs:

  • Access Control Cards
  • Card Readers
  • HiD
  • Proximity Readers
  • Electronic Locks
  • Gate Controls/Openers
  • Keypad Control
  • Fingerprint Recognition

Protect Your Business from Unwanted Guests

Custom Design Security can provide commercial access control systems that will give you and your employees the freedom and access they need, while restricting unwanted guests from your property, or certain areas of your property.

Combined with surveillance cameras and remote monitoring, you can provide access to a property when its requested, only after verifying the identity of your guest via CCTV. Additionally, we can design and install a quick and easy-to-use card entry system, ideal for large businesses with many employees.

Monitor Entry to Your Home from Anywhere

Do you want the convenience of letting in a pet caretaker, home service provider, repairman, or other temporary guest, without ever having to give someone a key or leave your home unlocked?

With remote access systems, you can send temporary keypad entry codes that only work during a certain time, on a certain day. Or, we can combine your home access control with CCTV camera that will notify you when you have a guest, allow you to view them remotely, and remotely unlock your door to give them access to your home or property.


Custom Design Security installs and supports residential and commercial electronic locks and strikes, MAS locks, burglary & fire safes, floor safes, gun & rifle safes, personal safes, in-wall safes, combination safes, and digital safes.

Protect your loved ones, valuables and property with security systems built to meet your specific needs. Choose from a variety of applications to keyless entry, and property safe-keeping from theft, accident, and acts of nature.

Contact us today to learn more about professional design and installation for a wide range of advanced and reliable access control systems, or to schedule a free evaluation of your property’s security.

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