Personal Emergency Response

Get Peace of Mind Knowing Emergency Assistance is Only a Button-Press Away

Custom Design Security provides professional installation for Personal Emergency Response systems.

Personal Emergency Response Systems, also known as PERS, are small devices that are typically worn on a necklace or wristband. PERS include a button, that when pressed, connects you to a 24-hour call center via a receiver connected to a home phone system. PERS are ideal for older adults who lack mobility, or are at risk for debilitating accidents.

How Do Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) Work?

PERS work by utilizing a small radio transmitter that is attached to the wearer’s ‘help’ button. When the ‘help’ button is activated, the radio transmitter sends a signal to a console that is attached the user’s home phone system, causing it to automatically dial a pre-selected emergency number. When emergency services are notified, they will get a wealth of information that will allow them to provide the fastest and most effective service possible. This information typically includes the user’s medical history, contact information of nearby acquaintances who can respond quickly to the emergency, and the location of the user.

Why Get a PERS System for You or Your Loved One?

As people age, the possibility that they will be unable to reach the phone in the case of an emergency increases.

Inability to recover from a debilitating fall, fires that restrict movement, and the inability to remember emergency phone numbers are all potentially life-threatening situations that could be prevented with the use of a PERS system. Not only that, but when a PERS system is registered, you are asked to provide information such as family members to contact, as well as medical history, in order to provide better care and give you and your family peace of mind.

Custom Design Security provides the sale and installation of the latest, advanced Personal Emergency Response Systems designed to protect the elderly and disabled. Don’t wait until it’s too late - get peace of mind and protect you or your loved one by scheduling a free safety evaluation with a security expert today!

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