Video Surveillance

Custom Design Security sells, installs and supports a wide range of systems for commercial and residential security CCTV camera and surveillance

We offer everything from simple systems that view and record, to advanced systems such as the Bosch IVA (Intelligent Video Analysis).

Our team has designed and installed many custom systems for commercial retail and residential clients from basic entry systems to highly sophisticated camera surveillance systems like the Dynapel CloseView Automatic Tracking System.

CCTV & Network Video Surveillance

  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
  • Network Video Recording (NVR)
  • Hybrid Video Recorder (HVR) 
  • Internet-Ready DVR's, & HVR's
  • Time-Lapse Recorders
  • Dome Cameras
  • Color HD Cameras
  • Bullet Cameras
  • Infrared Blasters
  • Close View Tracking (DynaPel)
  • Motion Tracking
  • PTZ - Pan Tilt Zoom
  • Camera Recording
  • Camera Surveillance
  • IP cameras
  • Network Viewing
  • Offsite/Mobile viewing
  • Arecont Vision HD cameras
  • UP TO 40MP Camera with 360-degree seamless viewing

Monitor and Control Your Home or Business from Anywhere with Mobile Surveillance and Automation

Do you ever wonder if you forgot to turn off the thermostat, left the door unlocked, if the babysitter has a guest over, or how your pet is doing while home alone?

With home automation and surveillance systems from Custom Design Security, you can monitor your home from anywhere, as well as open gates, adjust the temperature, open locks, and much, much more – all from your tablet or smartphone!

Complete Seamless Integration with Alarms and Motion Detectors

We can also integrate your security cameras to work seamlessly with your alarm systems, as well as your home entertainment system. With advanced motion detection system, we can automate your cameras to alert you at the first sign of movement, when an alarm is triggered, or any other number of warning indicators.

Call us today to schedule an assessment of your current systems and find out more about what is available to you. Whatever your security objectives are, Custom Design Security has the right people, expertise and technology to meet your needs. 

Manage Your Systems Anywhere

Live video, real-time alerts, and home automation - all from your mobile phone.

Mobile Surveillance & Automation

24/7 Monitoring Starting at $19.95!

Enjoy the comfort of knowing a highly trained security professional is always standing by.

Security Monitoring Services